a family cookout, smoke smell like a funeral.. old gravel smell like a new coffin, nostalgia.... We all lyft beloved home They ask me how eye feel? They shoulda asked u! Ask her next tyme, this ain’t tha first tyme Even if she don’t answer it’s a blessing u got a question in.... so lemme ask... Where was yo ass wen dem died... SHOT!! I’m from tha city where tha kids fried in that church dead or alive they woulda tried tha whole city.BLOCKS!! We wrk 4 who? U wrk 9-9 he get 10 off yo sweat Thts dead skin off yo back. Paper. Money. Capital Evil disguised by evil. Trauma gentrified by white people, CAUCASIAN COMMAS... A genocide on my people they ain’t miss a color from all corners it’s a set up.. a freed mind new dimensions my lense bout as wide as eye can get they say.. what they say?? Teach a man to fish, hell he can feed tha whole town if we learned how to burn down Babylon is today. Outside, NOT NEXT WEEK TODAY. A cleanse not a scene not a date not a start not a table not a damn plate eye ain’t seen nothing else.. we seen it all.. Teach a man to fish he still need help, tell me wat u need wen u get wat u want.. TELL ME FR.. be honest u hungry??? Heard they still eating eye wouldn’t normally suggest ribs but given tha context eye don’t wanna disrespect tha house we in so PIGS BY THA HEAD compliments of tha chef.. EYE LUV TO SEE A LIL BALANCE RESTORED... But a couple dead pigs ain’t a million, all we wanted was sum LIBERATION. Freedom look like these lights sometimes.. Pretty close , Pretty on tha side We got beans sum yams cornbread fasho a lil mo food ready... I’m sorry where are my manners, u hungry?